About Blogs

Blogs are curious and flexible things.

There are famous blogs, and family blogs; blogs that are written to at least once a day, and blogs that are written to little more than once a year. There are bloggers who wish they were famous, and bloggers who became famous by accident. There are some people who find blogs they like so much, they come and check them daily, even though they’re never written to, and there are some blogs that people only care to check once a year, even though they’re posted on daily.

Blogging can be very personal—a blog between family members, for familial communication, closed to the world. Blogs can be very professional, all about company up-dates. Blogging can be nothing more than the recording of a hobby—or even a hobby in and of itself.

But on there are broader, more social categories.

There are blogs that serve the purpose of news or magazines. A lot of blogs out there seem like they could be replacements for country or home and garden magazines.

I sometimes think that blogs are the modern day replacement for calling cards.

Other times, I wonder if they’re the social replacement for things like quilting bees, or upper-crust balls. So nowadays, instead of Mrs. Bennet going on and on about who danced which dance with whom, she would be going on and on about who commented on whose blog.

My favorite description of blogging was one written by Brooke Fraser (read the post at the bottom, if your curious), a musician who’s music I’ve never heard, but, as the phenomena of blogs would have it, who’s blog I’ve read. Here’s some of my favorite lines from her description. . .

A tendency toward thinking in excess and the ability to touch-type is a dangerous combination. . . I haven’t been at all successful in convincing myself that pulling back a ‘lil part of the Oz curtain in this way isn’t dangerous or stupid for someone with a public profile, but hey… it’s all about living on the edge. Just call me some kind of psyche flasher.

I like it; it’s very apt, very fitting. A large part of blog writing is trying to decide exactly how personal you want to get, exactly how exposed you’d like to be. Psyche flashing, indeed.

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