God spoke the Word and the world was made, in it’s entirety and complexity and confounditity.

Ever since, man has been speaking and speaking and speaking and speaking, somehow thinking that if the could just speak enough, they could box creation and contain it. Maybe even they think that if they can learn to speak well enough, they to can create by speaking.

But it’s horribly, terribly tedious, and frequently a dreadful waste of words and time and effort.

I’m sure that’s wickedly unscientific of me, but really. It’s as impossible as trying to pick up a wiggling piglet made of red-jello. You can’t put God in a box, and He marks His creation with the same attribute. You can’t explain the human condition with words, no matter how large your book or how many initials you put behind your name.

Observe it? Possibly, parts of it.

Confine it, define it, and make tidy little rules? Ha. Have fun. I’d rather make cookies; among other things, I’ll be more successful than you.

Most tedious of all is the arrogance of assuming man-made rules can contain a God-made universe.

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  1. who does “whispered longings” on your blog roll ?

  2. No one I now personally; I just like her blog.

  3. same here.

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