How often do you re-boot your computer? If you are energy conscious and dutiful, maybe you are one of those people who shuts off your computer at the end of every day, and re-boots it the next morning. If you are like the rest of us dreadful people, you run the thing into the ground as it becomes progressively more buggy and finally crashes, ceasing to function. Then you re-boot, and start it all over again.

I think I’m currently in the process of re-booting my life. I am hoping (ever the optimist) we are past the crashing and the blue-screens of death, but the re-loading appears to be taking sometime. De-fragging may be necessary. Cupcakes may be called for.

If all else fails, I expect I may need to jerry-rig a household vacuum cleaner to blow all the static out of the lines.

4 Responses to REBOOT

  1. I’ll help eat the cupcakes!

  2. Wait, there are people who voluntarily re-boot their computers!?

  3. Lachlan not only shuts his work computer off every day, he has it set to wake up half an hour before he gets into work.

  4. I would even help make the cupcakes if I get to help eat them!

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