New Years Late–better than not at all

So because I am the last person on earth to “get with it,” I just finished watching a clip of London’s New Years display.

(1) I kind of wished they hadn’t used music and had just gotten better recordings of the sound of the fireworks, which is awe inspiring in and of itself. A good fireworks display always makes me think of the super-natural.

(2) Why does America have such sucky holiday traditions? I have never once in my life bothered to stay up till midnight on New Years Eve, never mind watched the boring ball drop in NYC. But I would totally make it to midnight every year to watch something like that fireworks show! Heck, I might even make a trip and pay some money to watch that live!

Okay, there, I went and watched a clip of “the ball” dropping, for the first time in my life. Can you say pathetic? PATHETIC! Pansies! How’s somebody supposed to get excited about the New Year watching that?

I mean, I dunno, I always kinda thought celebrating by blowing things up was pretty American. First Mexican Hammer Parties, now this. . .I feel so cheated, so gyped. If we actually had holiday traditions worth keeping, maybe I’d more of tradition keeper. As it is, the majority of American traditions mostly boil down to “eat and shop”. Don’t get me wrong, I like to eat, but I do a pretty good job of it year-round, so it kinda doesn’t make the holidays stand out much. And I never much liked to shop, so that doesn’t fall under the heading of “tradition I’d like to keep.” If you like to drink, the holidays can be a good excuse for that, I guess, but I don’t drink so how would I know? And maybe if you don’t live in an over-regulated state where it’s illegal to do fireworks yourself, you can do your best to be a pyromaniac yourself, as long as you have a big pocket and tolerant neighbors. Oddly, I don’t have any of that.

And then everyone thinks I’m a heathen because I don’t celebrate holidays. I don’t have money, and I make pies whenever I feel like it. What’s left?

I just somehow feel like a wanton display of excessive explosives should have been a no-brainer for this country. Instead, we’re all watching grainy YouTube videos of a London display, because we have nothing better in our own back yard. Dang!

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  1. As a cultural note, I believe there is something of a competition between London and Sidney about who can put on the bigger New Year’s fireworks display.

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