July pictures. . .

Click through to see larger images. I’m still learning my new camera, but always glad to have it with me. I need to get better about sticking the camera in peoples’ faces, though, or I’ll wind up with nothing but a bunch of (very beautiful) scenery pictures. They’re nice, but people are kinda special too, ya know.

4 Responses to July pictures. . .

  1. I love these! You are capturing such great moments!

    Some quick favorites


    Deirdre-punzel pointing

    the cemetery

    the sunset

    Caleb’s grin and amazing outfit (as is Deirdre’s; please tell me you did not make it)

    ……..wait, that’s just about all of them, isn’t it?

    Fine. I like them all!

    Keep peppering your posts with snapshots, if only to please the girl who should visit here more often!

    the thumbnail of moon

  2. Okay.

    I’ll stop.

  3. Did you really doubt that she made it?!

    I like her photos, too–especially like the same ones you mentioned. I like the one of TT & Deirdre grinning and all three of them at the end too.

  4. lol “did you really doubt that she made it?!” I did, too, in about 2 days. 2 half days, maybe, not two full days.

    You like a lot of my favorites, Abby. I just have to keep up my winning streak!!

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