You never know what you will find on the dining room table.



What is it?


Is it, like, some scene from The Lion King?


Wait. I don’t think there were dinosaurs in The Lion King.


Maybe it’s a Noah’s Ark re-enactment. . .


You know, gathering all the animals.


We’ve got the horses, and the cows, and the goats, and the pigs. . .

two by two

. . . and the, ah,. . .hmm. Well, they’re coming two-by-two, anyway.


I’d like to call these guys cute, but they look like the sorts of animals to take offense at that. They seem to think they’re big stuff.


And that’s the problem, really. If I wasn’t such a girl, I would have realized straight off.


It’s a massive army assembled to destroy the enemy base in the other room! Duh!


They tell me it’s been strategically arranged. Not quite so sure about the strategy of putting a very hungry looking dinosaur behind a bunch of fat little porkers.


Then again, maybe that’s why the piggies are strategically circling the wagons, so to speak.


I guess these are the, um, “irregulars” being held in reserve back here. . .


It’s not clear to me what the strategic purpose is of sending the sea creatures on ahead of the zebra, triceratops and horses. Better minds than mine have figured this out, I’m sure.


Note the regiment of chickens there in the upper left. . .that arrangement, at least, is logic my mind can grasp. It’s pretty hard to get chickens to lead the army out.


But I really, really, really think that whole dinosaur/pig thing is not going to end pretty.


This concludes our review of the troops. We hope you’ve been duly impressed!

4 Responses to You never know what you will find on the dining room table.

  1. I like the pictures, the memories, and the commentary.

  2. you should have taken pictures of the other base!!! a giant horse stronger then a vary vary vary giant homages dinosaur!

  3. Actually, in our games those “piggies” explode if threatened, or if happen to want to, so that “dinosaur” will probably keep his distance.

  4. and the “sea creatures ” are burowers

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