Wish you were here, vol. 1

let them eat cake 2

Let them eat cake.

The Good Old Days are Sepia Toned. Everyone Knows That.

The Good Old Days are sepia toned. Everyone knows that.

My sister took this pictures, and I futzed with them in Picnik. Due to poor lighting (darn fluorescents!!) and the fact that everyone was moving (I could have titled either of them “Duck! The barbarians are coming!” or “Like vultures over road-kill. . .”) the pictures themselves weren’t so great. . .but I loved them anyway, for the feelings the captured, and that’s what I tried to bring out. (My youngest sister either knows the camera is there, or always acts like there is a camera. Not sure which.)

And I know this will make some of you cringe, but I like seeing them bigger, even though my side bar does run over them like credits at the end (or before) a movie:

let them eat cake 2

The Good Old Days are Sepia Toned. Everyone Knows That.

5 Responses to Wish you were here, vol. 1

  1. Some of us would widen the theme . . . it isn’t that hard to do. Today’s screens have plenty of space.

  2. you can show me how when you’re here. Every time I try to mess with the theme, I make more problems than solutions. Like, if I widen the post area, the banner needs to be bigger. . .and I don’t know how to scale the banner and I don’t want to make a new banner right now. In other words, it can’t be just “not that hard”, it has to be “easy”. Otherwise, forget it; I’ll be messy.

  3. You know, it’s sad how the good times pass so fast, so we could do some sort of recreational thing. You can make the desert, and we’ll eat it, and it will be the good old days all over again!!

  4. i don’t know why im aways smiling but i am!

  5. is…(sluurrrp) is that BROWNIES?

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