What does it mean?

Last night I dreamed. . .

There was a single mom and her (tween) daughter, facing ruins. They had both become seriously addicted to large amounts of expensive, coffee-house coffee. Like most addictions, this had left them in both financial and health ruins. Unable to quit cold turkey (but in dire money straights and seriously warned by the doctor of their health problems), they were resorting to making large amounts of their own fancy coffee drinks. The daughter threw a bit of a mopey fit because it “wasn’t the same,” but she wasn’t so much referring to the coffee as the experience of the fancy coffee places. Somehow, coffee at home seemed so demeaning and empty compared to that experience.

Then I woke up.

Der. . .what?

2 Responses to What does it mean?

  1. I tend to forget my dreams before I have adequate time to think about them much. Always a little disappointing, but I suspect I would find they’re more mundane if I could remember them clearly for multiple days. Kind of the same way I find that something I wrote a while ago seems worse then I remembered.

  2. it means that you need coffee, ha ha ha

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