Sugar is sweet & formaldehyde is vile!!!(!)

Yea, verily.



Sugar should be a controlled substance. At least for me. Can’t hold my sugar.

Knowing full well that we were totally stressed out, almost to the breaking point, with five exams (2 of which are pass-fail, no mistakes allowed), TWO people brought in sugar. One brought dark chocolate, the other brought rice crispy treats with M&M’s.

So of course since we finished our first test in the morning, we ate sweets to celebrate/apply anesthesia. Then we’re all sitting just waiting for our turn to take the pass-fail practical of the day, and what do I do? I eat rice crispy treats. That is like the perfect “de-stress texture”.

Then I notice I’m starting to get loopy, but of course by the time you notice something like that, it’s too too late.

I talked super super fast all afternoon and was happy happy happy happy.

Then we get to bio class & we’re supposed to dissect the fetal pig. Which is VILE. Like, utterly. They were like drowned, rotting rats. All their organs were the same color, and when you cut them open, they goosh vile formaldehyde with chunks of clotted blood in it, like doing diarrhea all over the place. And they’re splashy, too. So if you are using the tweezers to pull something out of the way, and it slips. . .it sprays formaldehyde diarrhea all over the place, including in your hair

I would way, way rather gut a recently killed, still warm chicken with my bare hands before doing formaldehyde dissection. Vileness. You can’t get that smell out of your nose, either. It just lingers and lingers.

Apologies for not posting, but this is a really hard part of the semester and I’m just trying to keep my sanity.

OD’ing on sugar not withstanding.

(Think I’m starting to get eye-twitches. . .)

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