Two things that made me smile today:

In the first scenario, a classmate had asked me if I knew anyone who knew how to knit or crochet.

“Yeah. Me.”

So apparently her daughter had a pair of crocheted slipper-socks type things, which she referred to as her “skates”. She had worn holes in them, and needed them repaired. I agreed to do it; she attempted to talk her daughter into allowing it to be done. Her daughter was very suspicious that they would not be returned and she would never see them again, but she finally gave in. I fixed them.

Today I was told how happy she was not only because they were actually returned, but also because they no longer had holes. After expressing her delight, she’d went back into her bedroom and come out with a small canister of Play-doh.

“Here, give this to the girl at school who fixed my skates!”

“Um . . .okay. Play-doh?” her mother asked.

“Everyone loves Play-doh!”


In the second scenario, Mr. Quarterback & Buddy where ruthlessly pretending to admire the ripped muscles of a guy in class who was, um, not as large as Mr. Quarterback. A little while later, one of the girls asked him (Not-as-Ripped) to open something.

“Ask Mr. Quarterback,” he says. “He’s the strong one.”

“If you can’t open it, I’ll open for you,” I tell him.

He opened it.


2 Responses to Smile!

  1. Aw, the little girl was thoughtful.

  2. I know; it made my day.

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