Ow. No wonder it hurts

[Editor’s note: okay, so yeah, even I find it kinda disturbing to see a picture of someone’s insides any time I happen to go to my site. I still have the picture if someone wants to see it, but really? Once is enough.]

That whole big red follicle thing-y ruptures out of an ovary wall once a month. No wonder it’s so dang uncomfortable. Everybody seems to act like it’s such a microscopic-type process, but it’s more like having a parasite burst through an organ. (After it releases its egg, the follicle goes back inside the ovary. Really truly. It goes back inside, turns itself into a ‘corpus luteum’ [lit. body yellow], and secretes estrogen & progesterone like crazy until it finally gives up and dies.)

Yes, we covered this in bio this morning. It was very educating.

2 Responses to Ow. No wonder it hurts

  1. That doesn’t look anything like the drawings I’ve seen–the difference between line drawings and full color images, I suppose. The egg and the ovary look very about what I would expect, but that Follicle looks wrong. I think if it wasn’t red it wouldn’t look half so disturbing (imagine it was the same color as the ovary). As it is, it looks like a festering zit that needs to pop. I suppose this could lead to such philosophical observations like, “We were all zits once.”

  2. The follicle does start out much smaller; it grows *quite* a bit. Not sure what color it starts out as, but after going back into the ovary it turns yellow, and then it turns white as it dies.

    lol . . .Evan was very scandalized to see this picture. At first he thought my blog had been hacked. . .then he realized it was still me, and he wasn’t too sure what he thought about that.

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