Mon brother, Mr. Goat, is starting a blog

Help him along. . .he is looking for a blog name!

He is whining that we are forcing him start a blog when he didn’t want to start one (too much). Yes, he said the too much. That’s why we’re making him. Feel free to join in!!

(He is forever striving to achieve the green burp he once saw a goat do.)

Younger brothers’ opinions to the contrary, “goniometry” is not even a remotely scandalous word. And “humeral” is too a word. And IP is not a statement on one’s urinary habits, but rather an abbreviation for “inter-phalangeal”.

We shoveled snow this morning and it was nice. It was just the right temperature, the birds were singing, the snow wasn’t too heavy.

Then I took a nap for the rest of the morning, and that was even nicer.

Then I studied bio all afternoon, and it made my eyes cross.

I had been hoping to get all my studying done before the weekend, but I do still have some stuff I should probably do tomorrow. . .but at least I think I’m ready for my bio exam now.

Listening to brothers’ commentaries on only family photos may be dangerous to your health. Only brothers would say of a younger sibling “Man, he looks so fat, we should have put him through a meat-grinder and made him into a sausage!!” or “He was always so wet, he was like a frog.” or “Look it him! He doesn’t know where his brain is, and he doesn’t think it’s a problem!!”

This is what snow days look like around here. Pretty much like normal days, but with even more crazy people running around.

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  1. More like I was vaguely considering something that would make me write more often, and a blog was the first thing that came to mind.. if I knew mentioning it near you it would consider it set in stone I mighta been a lil’ more careful with my wording. o.o

  2. That is because the brother next in age after him told him he should. So he said “me and you should have one together!!”

    Those comments made me laugh out loud. When were they looking at family photos? Whatever, it doesn’t really matter.

  3. There were no birds singing for me when I shoveled. I felt like I wanted to take a nap afterward, but instead I tried very hard to make myself work on writing.

    There are too many possible good blog titles. One needs to know the general tenor or focus of the blog.

    “Enjoying Insanity” is an easy one.

    “The Big One” has a nice ambiguity.

    “Hairy Thoughts” is a possibility.

  4. Actually, it was vice versa: He told me I should get a blog, and so I told him that he should. Thats when I learned that he was already considering starting to blog. He seemed bashful about the idea, though, which is why I was “encouraging” him.

    He always tries to drag me with him into things like this, so if he really does start a blog I’ll consider keeping him company if somebody thinks up a sufficiently wisdomful name for me, too.

  5. Lol, Evan it’s not like setting in stone, it’s just like “volunteering”.

  6. “The Green Burp” suggests itself.

  7. how about The Goat, Master Of Beards ? or pet my beard? or i, the goat, wants my bead pet ?

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