Matters of Great Importance

1. tub of sour cream + garlic + lemon juice + fresh dill leaf + salt + pepper + cayenne = very good on vegetables and crackers, especially wheat thins or equivalent.

2. The simplest solution is probably the truest. When it looks like a brother is holding something in his mouth, he probably is. Why pretend when you can do the real thing.

3. Question: why would 4 of your brothers decide to cram cherries in their mouths right before going blueberry picking, just so that as soon as you got there they could all crowd around you and offer you their shiny, spitty cherries? The mind boggles.

4. Have you have heard of flash mobbing?

5. Re-fashioning objects is intriguing. We shall see how it turns out.

6. Sometimes you just have to do it anyway, even though you know you can’t do it well.

7. It doesn’t do you any good to know that attitude is 78% of the issue if you don’t know how to change your attitude.

8. It sounds like late summer, like its-almost-going-to-frost late. Don’t ask me why it sounds late, it just does. Maybe it’s the bugs. Maybe it’s the way the sound travels through the air.

9. Keys for new cars are expensive

10. God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes it makes my head hurt trying to comprehend it. But sometimes I think that maybe I should never stop trying to do so anyway.

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