Kinda sorta back on my feet.

I still find myself being snippier than I mean to be, but I feel like, at least emotionally, I’ve kinda gotten back up. I’m still working on being resigned to two of my classes being utter wastes of time, but it is mitigated in part by the fact that twice–twice!–in the last 10 days I’ve been able to catch up on missing curricula by picking the brains of practicing PTs (e.g. people at work).

There are two classes in particular that stink. In one class, the teacher is simply incapable of answering any question, of any degree. (That’s the one where I catch-up at work.) In the other, it keeps descending into a bigger and bigger joke every time we show up. Ironically, that’s probably the class that will break my good grades. The material is not difficult, but the tests are stupid, questioning things like the names of bacteria and obscure numbers—in general, the tests are on the LEAST useful of the information presented; therefore, the normal means of studying (picking out the important information and learning it well), is futile. And when studying hard does not result in the grades one wants to see (and indeed, one cannot figure out any better way to study), one rapidly looses desire to study for the tests.

Having said all that, I think mostly I’m just going to be a basket case every time a bunch of tests all pile up on each other. I don’t like all this “judging” business, and it makes me go to pieces. Need to work on that.

(Therefore, posting will still be dependent on my sanity, which I have decided is of greater value than sticking to a self-dare of writing every day.)

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