Ice Skating

I’ve wanted to learn how to ice skate for a long time, just because. For fun. I realized that right now, going to a school with an ice rink and a student discount, was as good a chance as I was going to get. But I also know that, typically, new skills of coordination come hard to me. Learning how to ride a bike took forever; I had to work awfully hard to learn to juggle. I thought I would never be able to get my hands to do to distinct and separate things when playing the piano. So even while I knew I wanted to learn, I also anticipated a battle.

Well, today I went. And I did a lot better than I expected I would.

It didn’t hurt that there were two elderly gentlemen there who obviously knew what they were doing. I scoped them out. One seemed too professional, intent mostly on ignoring the imbeciles while he practiced his graceful art. The other one, I was pretty sure, was good natured, and would be willing to pass along advice he if thought it would be appreciated and followed. I might have made a point to smile at him every time I staggered by.

Sure enough, he decided to pass on encouraging advice. Mainly: Bend your knees and lean forward; DO NOT lean backwards.

Thanks to his sage advice, the number of times I fell was relatively few. Bending your knees and leaning forward is apparently an excellent way to safely come out of incidents that would like to be spill.

Towards the end, though, the ice was getting pretty gouged up, and my untrained skates started getting caught more and more often. Although I usually managed to employ the “bend and lean forward” advice and avoid the fall, I more and more frequently was caught so off guard that I did fall. Most of the times I managed to mitigate it, but at least once my feet were out from under me before I realized what was happening. I did fall—backward—hitting first my butt and then my head. Oy, my head. Two ibuprofen seem to have taken the edge off of it, but I hope it’s cleared by tomorrow morning.

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  1. I went skating once, when I was four or something.

    I will have to go skating this winter and see how well this decrepit man can pick it up. I’ll ask you for all of the details this weekend.

  2. Those two guys (or at least one of them–I can’t remember if it was one or both) were also there the times I went skating several years ago. One of them (I’m pretty sure it was the one that you say “seemed too professional, intent mostly on ignoring the imbeciles while he practiced his graceful art”, but I can’t remember for sure) helped me figure out how to do it as well. He told me to bend my knees and lean forward, and he also had some other pointers.

    You probably don’t remember, but you actually came with me one of the times that I went with friends. I clearly remember seeing you try to skate, and telling one of my friends (or maybe just thinking to myself) that you were better at figuring out the technique, whereas I just sloppily winged it, although I went around faster than you. I just mentioned that because none of the little kids believe me that you went before, because they say that you say it was your first time ever. 😛

  3. Yeah, I didn’t know how to quite put it. I was out—once—years and years and years ago—and didn’t manage to skate at all at that point. It felt like my first time on the ice, but perhaps I subconsciously remembered something from all those years ago.

  4. I forgot to point out how amazed and astounded I am by this part of the story:

    “I might have made a point to smile at him every time I staggered by.”

    Your horse-puncher story seems to me entirely decent, but I was thoroughly scandalized by the fact that you used your womanly charms to flirt your way into free skating lessons.

    I won’t ask how artfully you…. staggered.

  5. Well, I was rather surprised no one acted scandalized. . .but it’s not too hard to charm a grandpa when you look about 12 years old. Looking 12 is also part of what makes it surprising when you’ve got some strength about you.

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