I like research

I do. I have fun looking stuff up and connecting the dots. I like figuring stuff out.

I do not like memorizing stuff.

This semester we have do a good deal more in the way of research. Unfortunately, we still have to do a fair amount of memorization, which is yucky.

Our group has picked Parkinson’s as our research project, and honestly, I just want to ditch all the other schoolwork and work on the research and presentation. It’s not that the stuff we have to memorize is unuseful; it’s just that it’s more boring than figuring things out. Some people seem to like it when they just have a list to memorize; they just have to look at it and file it away–easy! Well, first off, it isn’t so easy to me, as unconditioned as I am to memorizing, but it’s boring. Not only is it boring, I find it very unreliable. When you figure things out and understand them, you have a frame work. You can figure things out and double check yourself, and know that you’ve remembered it correctly. If you just memorize it, you could have memorized the wrong thing or have been confused or plumb forgot. There’s no way to double check yourself.

I don’t really want facts just handed to me, pre-chewed, with the instructions to swallow. It’s almost more fun to just have a bit of a hint dangled in front of me and a dare to find out. . .It’s more fun when there isn’t an exam to find out if you found all the things you need to find, but an invitation to explore. Somehow, that’s become an exception, not a standard theory. Nowadays, to “learn” you’re expected to have to be “taught”. Such dependence. Somehow, it never occurred to me before, so I’m still struggle to adapt to this new norm. I don’t think I’ll ever like it, but I do have to work with it.

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