I have blisters on my feets

This is apparently what happens when you walk on asphalt for about two miles or so.

No, my car did not break down; my car is still at the dealer’s.

See, I was driving over to a friends house, and thinking what a gorgeous evening it was and how I’d been stuck inside all day, sitting. So when I got there, I suggested we take a walk–never mind that I was wearing flip-flops and a long skirt.

So we started walking, and my flip-flops were killing me. They were making the front of my legs cramp up something terrible already, and we’d hardly went 100 feet.

So I took off my flip-flops and went barefoot.

It was much more comfortable.

Until I got blisters.

(But if you do ever get blisters on your feet, you can cover them with athletic tape, available nearly anywhere, and then your feet don’t hurt so much and you can still walk around in your bare feets.)

3 Responses to I have blisters on my feets

  1. You walk beside the road and let the other person walk on the asphalt.

    Then there is the question of whether flip-flops were actual a good invention, or a devious invention by someone who wanted to see how many people would willing injure their feet.

  2. I tried that, but the shifting nature of the un-fixed stones on the side of the road was actually more painful. While the asphalt was rough, it was relatively level. It actually worked better to walk where the tires have worn the road away a little more, rather than to walk on the side of the road.

    If you get into the question of the merits of footwear, you open yourself up to attack by those that say that footwear, any footwear, is bad for your body and only barefeet is actually healthy. I think that there is a place for footwear, even flip-flops, but I think feets are widely under-rated.

  3. ha! i dont get blisters on MY feet! 😛

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