Wednesday the 26th

Today I realized that I really want out of this English class. I feel pretty ridiculous, on account of I already switched English classes once, but this is just a huge thorn in my side and I want it out.

The first class I was signed up for used a text called “Dreams and Inward Journeys”, and they meant that literally. They wanted you to interpret your dreams and read them in front of the class. I wanted to burn the book. Their prescribed inward journeys were, if anything, even worse than dream interpreting. So I schemed and arranged and carefully checked, and ha! I got myself switched to a different class, one that just used a sane, normal “Prentice Hall Reader”. Cleverness abounding.

But the instructor. Oh, the instructor.

I could tell you all the reasons why she makes me want to pull my toenails out with rusty pliers, but suffice to say nearly any one of her students would do a better job of running the class and actually teaching writing. And her students are not exactly geniuses; they were seriously debating what editorials were. (Suggestions included reporting that spelled it out for you instead of just giving you the facts and making you figure it out, and corrections for errors.)

My last hope is to try to switch into an on-line class, where I at least don’t have to be present for the madness. Unfortunately, my last check showed the on-line classes as full. I’m hoping that by begging, pleading and petitioning I can get in anyway. And that it will actually be an improvement.

B., this went up to 268 words. Do I get my wrist slapped for writing longer than I was supposed? It’s so hard to stop!!

3 Responses to Wednesday the 26th

  1. Do you get your wrist slapped? Well, that depends on whether the word count was supposed to teach you to be concise, or to set a minimum. From my perspective as a reader, there is a certain entertainment to see how you two can fashion posts to the constraints (though I have never double-checked to make sure you do). However, I understand being too tired to play the game.

    I am a little surprised you didn’t go with an online English course to start with. At least then if you had to gouge out your eyeballs you could have done it privately.

    Finally, an interm solution to the trouble with reading comments on this blog can be found (in Fire Fox) by turning off “Allow pages to chose its own color” under the Content | Color setting. I’m sure someone using IE could do the same.

    In other words, it is definitely a CSS issue.

  2. You made me panic for a second. I think we agreed on between 250-300 words.

  3. I couldn’t remember what we agreed on. Somehow I had the range 250-260, but it’s hard to end up there. 250-300 seems more reasonable.

    Online classes are not without their own headaches. I’m taking my Physchology online (which I had assumed just had to be the worst to take in person), and I am endlessly frustrated. Nothing has been updated; links we’re told to follow are no longer current, the professor takes forever to write back, etc. etc. I hate chasing people around trying to get them to explain how and what I’m supposed to do. It’s wasting energy on doing nothing.

    I wasn’t able to get switched, but I felt a certain peace about it. I could have fought harder, but I felt like God was saying that wasn’t a battle He intended me to win, so I let it go. At least it’s just a non-important class. Everything else is cool.

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