Thursday the 27th

Today I found out that I’m starting to get sick. It’s just a sore throat right now, but I hope it blows over by the time the weekend is out. At least I seem to have avoided D.’s puking bug, which is very nice. One public preformance at the hospital is quite enough; I don’t have to go for Act II at the college, thank you very much.

I also found out that you can’t return textbooks if you don’t have your credit card on you, and I didn’t have my credit card on me because why take your credit card when you aren’t going to buy anything? Just so you have a chance for something unfortunate to happen to it? And also, am in training to become a marine.

Not really on that last part. But carrying around so much weight sure makes it feel that way.

At supper today I said I was glad that tomorrow was Friday because it felt like this week has lasted a whole month. (Dad said “speak for yourself.” Apparently, he had just asked earlier in the day whether it was Tuesday or Wednesday, and had to be brought up to date.) I do feel like it’s lasted forever. It’s just so different, in so many ways, and I feel like I’m just faking it. I don’t really know what I’m doing or what I’ve gotten myself into. I’m hoping that after another week or so, that will wear off and I’ll figure out my own rhyme and reason to this mess.

All I really know is that God is in charge, and I’m trying desperately to keep that in focus. When you see how much anatomy you’re supposed to know by the end of 15 weeks, your chest tends to constrict and your mind narrows to such a tiny point that you loose sight of the bigger picture: God is in control.

[306 words. I really need to crack down on myself here.

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  1. which is very nice

    thank you very much

    Add back in the “I” you dropped from “I am in training to become a marine” and you now have 299 words.

    It’s so good to know I take care of the important things . . .

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