Thursday the 26th

Yesterday I peeked at a blog I keep half an eye on. (I know that traditionally I’m supposed to say something about Thanksgiving, but you know how I am about traditions.) The reason this blog I looked at is noteworthy is because it is one of the reasons why I wanted to start blogging more. . .slice-of-life like.

You see, I am 24. She is 24. I was homeschooled. She was homeschooled. And there, all similarities end. Utterly, completely, and totally end. And that is exactly why it is so fascinating. It’s like a parallel universe, or something. This is how things could have been, if they were totally different. Oh, I know you can say that about anyone, but somehow it seems more real when there is a common starting point.

I’ve read other I-was-homeschooled blogs, but not like this. She went through the whole ATI thing; in the end it seems she’s rebelled against that (though by that I mean ATI, not God in general), and she is a million miles away from conservative. She has a journalism degree, and seems now to be considering a law degree. She wants to pierce her tongue; she has, in the past, shaved her head. She’s really not too sure about that whole “having kids thing”, she just can’t see her self being too happy with staying home with kids.

It’s such a study in complete opposites. Just as I was going to start my two-year college degree, after years of uncertainty, she was just finishing her extensive time in college. . .and feeling as though she had no direction and didn’t really want to pursue journalism. She’s lived the “typical” life, drinking, partying, traveling, building her resume. I haven’t done any of those things.

I am fascinated by reading her slice-of-life posts. Even though we have technically started from the same sorts of starting spots (age, gender, basic education), she could be from a totally different world. Or, perhaps it would be better to say, it makes me realize how I am from a totally different world. It made me realize that what I consider as utterly banal is freaky-weird-different to other people.

Welcome to my freaky-weird-banal world. In the coming weeks (and perhaps months–who knows how long I can keep this thing up??), I hope to do a better and better job showing you exactly how freaky-weird-banal my world really is.

[Her site appears to be down tonight. I will try to post it tomorrow, when I can verify I am indeed linking to what I’m trying to link to.]

{Edit: here it is.}

5 Responses to Thursday the 26th

  1. Funny, I met one of her brothers back in 2000. Small world.

  2. bad link. You got an error in it.

  3. Fixed.

    Small world, indeed!

  4. I didn’t realize you were talking about her! I have looked at her blog once or twice. She comments sometimes on resolved2worship’s site and seems to know their family, and something about her comments made me curious about her, so that’s how I found her blog.

  5. Me, too. How’d you think I found her?

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