Monday 24

Today was the first day of classes. In some ways it was a bit anti-climatic–after all, we basically just went over the syllabi (syllabuses?). On the other hand, it was a nice warm-up, being able to get the gist of courses and professors (some a pleasant surprise, and some not so pleasant. I seem to have exchanged Professor Trelawney in for Professor Umbridge. A step up, perhaps, but not too much.) without being suddenly overwhelmed with work. It was most wearing in terms of being constantly bombarded with new places, new people, too much change and “difference” and people who looked like they were playing “life” and still didn’t have a clue what it was really like. It was just a tad surreal, in that respect, watching people who seemed to have no consciousness except for the present. You look at them and wonder what will happen when the slam headfirst into “reality”, when what style that you dress in really doesn’t matter because the universe doesn’t care.

The most relaxing part of the day was probably while I was waiting for my brother to show up where I knew he was going to eat lunch. He had, ahem, –misplaced his drivers license and lunch was the the only time we’d be able to meet up. Since I didn’t have any homework yet, I pulled out my knitting. It was relatively quiet and abandoned, though a group of obviously very close people conversed in Spanish beside me. It was basically the only homey part of an exceedingly institutionalized day.

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  1. That is a length for a blog post. How many characters is it, again?

    BTW, something is screwed up on your theme. The page gets all weird when you click on the comments. I suspect it is CSS-image related.

  2. How do you mean “it is a length for a blog post”? It’s approx. 250 words.

    Someone mentioned to me that it was screwed up last night, but I don’t know how or where, so if you have any hints, let me know. It’s on the single page for a post, as well as, I guess the page for the comments. But it doesn’t show up at all on the rolling blog. I didn’t think I changed anything besides the images. Any pointers are appreciated.

  3. Sorry, didn’t notice your first sentence before now. I dropped a word. It was supposed to read “That is a good length for a blog post.”

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