Friday the 28th

Today I was going to make a point of not talking about school, but somehow that isn’t working. Not only did I spend the majority of the day there, but I’m still trying so hard to process it all.

I started the day out by laughing at us, ’cause we took the truck in today. T., L., and C., all sat up front (literally rubbing shoulders, they were so squished), and I sat in the back seat with two bulging knapsack and three lunchboxes. The back seat is so small that even lil’ ole me had trouble finding room for my legs. I swear we looked like some scene out of a country-hick-comedy, but they boys didn’t quite get the humor in the situation.

I returned to the college all of the books that I replaced with ones I found cheaper online. The last one to go was my huge bio book; I had bought it USED (complete with fuzzy corners on the hard back, and a noticeably softer binding) for $152. I got one online in better condition (it did have highlighting, but the cover was better) for. . . $31. And the lady at the bookstore wondered why I was returning so many books. Um, hello? I can get them for 1/5th the price online!

While studying medical terminology, I couldn’t help but notice a few things. ‘Home’ (as in homeostasis) means the same, unchanging. Path (as in pathology) means pain, suffering. Not that I’m trying to find undue clinical support for my general resistance to life changing or anything. . .

And lastly, I finally figured out my online course. Yay. I have to do a lot more online than I thought. I’m going to see if I can do a little more before I crash tonight.

(And I made it under word count–293! Woo-hoo!)

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  1. It’s hard not to talk about new things that are taking up large chunks of your life.
    That’s great that you were able to get your books so much cheaper.

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