Friday the 27th

Today I sent yet another email in an attempt to clean up a disastrous customer service situation. The story is very messy, from me placing a rather large order–which possibly was a little ill-advised–and so I wasn’t too upset when the only two of the items arrived. . .only, they had charged me for the whole thing.

I thought I had the situation cleared up months ago, but in reviewing the credit card statement, we discovered it had never been credited, and it’s a rather lot of money.

What has follows has been, if you can stay in the right frame of mind, a complete comedy of errors. Either that, or it’s been the beginnings of a good reason to start looking for a lawyer. At this point, they have confusedly refunded me twice, once for the wrong thing and another time with bad math. They’re still short in the refunding. Let’s hope this last email clears things up.

Unfortunately, to make matters even messier, they are crediting the card I made the purchase with. The only problem with that is that between then and now, our credit card was compromised, and that account was shut down.

Fun times, fun times.

Monday I have Medical Terminology test; I’ve come to really despise Medical Terminology tests. It would be nice to get one 100% of the right, just out of pure spite. The stupid tests take clever glee out of having as many trick questions on them as possible; it’s clear they don’t want anyone to get them all right. I’d like to defy that, at least once, but I suspect it’s beyond me.

At any rate, I’m looking forward to winter break, and I’m hoping that I got all my goofing off/staying up till insane hours re-reading books I’ve enjoyed out of my system over Thanksgiving break. I’d like to accomplish a lot of fun, productive things between semesters. Wish me luck!

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